Diamond House & Kitchen Clean

House & Kitchen Cleaning Service

Diamond House and Kitchen Clean is a family run business providing you with a very personal and specialist service. We are a highly trained professional House Cleaning unit with a passion for providing high quality deep cleaning services for the domestic market. We pride ourselves on complete satisfaction for our customers.

We understand that many of our clients work long hours and lead busy often hectic lives. We therefore understand that cleaning may not be an activity that people wish to partake in or indeed look forward to especially if you are trying to juggle a job and family life or if you value your free time over scrubbing toilets. This is where our services can come in handy for you as we do the jobs you hate.

We provide a wide range of cleaning packages to suit any busy lifestyle or budget. Ranging from daily cleaning services to larger deep cleaning packages. This ensures anyone can experience the Diamond standard clean regardless of income. We understand in the current financial climate why some may be hesitant to justify spending money on house cleaning services. That is why we work hard to ensure the lowest possible costs and best value for money available.

Having over 20 years experience in the cleaning and hospitality industry, we know all about hygiene and the importance of a clean living environment. Our team are skilled cleaners specialising in the removal of harmful bacteria, dust and grime build up. It is worth also noting that these technicians are highly experienced experts in Kitchen Appliance Cleaning, having also worked in partnership with Diamond Oven Clean for over 4 years.

We aware of the growing impact that businesses can have on the environment and that is why we strive to make use of the very latest techniques, equipment and environmentally friendly products.

Diamond House and Kitchen Clean is the sister company of Diamond Oven Clean which is well known for its unparalleled standard of service Boasting No.1 for Scotland and No.3 for Britain. It is through this affiliation that you can be certain the Diamond standard of quality is guaranteed for every job. See our slide show below for examples of how we can make your life easier